Oldessexboy Events Tickets

Please email details of booking requests to:-

Giving your contact details and address ( for posting tickets to ),
including which event, with date and time, and numbers in party.

( By applying for tickets, it is taken you are over the age restrictions
for the event, if they apply.)

    This is the not so small, small print part so please read:-

    Ticket entry and age restrictions.

    If the event has an age restriction Please do not order ticket for any one under the age of the restriction,
    as they will not be allowed in, and there will be no refund,
    as the seating will have been allocated.
    ( if you feel you may look under 25 please bring prof of age for bar drink requirement by bar management.)

    Dress code.

    Please dress for the occasion.
    all we ask is you are smart.

    Drinking code.

    all our events that have alcoholic bar drinks, we imposes .
    THE 25 year rule, as laid down by the police and local council
    all we ask is your respect of this and have ID ready if ask for..

    Stage effects.

    There will be stage effects used during the event.
    There may be laser and strobe lighting effects, and coloured lights.
    Although the effects will not be aimed at the audience, .
    you may be affected by the reflected light, from the effect.

    Food and drink.

    Please do not bring food or drink in to the bar.
    You may only consumed drinks brought at the bar,
    and food that is only supplied at the event in the bar.


    Please do not smoke in the bar.
    you will have a ticket stub, to use to exit the building,
    so you can smoke out side.
    (Please do not exit via the fire exits, an less told to, or there's a fire).


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