Oldessexboy Events news

We have just booked up, a Burlesque night, at our local piano bar...

The night entails two acts by a burlesque dancer, with singing in between.
This is all accompanied by a three piece Jazz band.

With a compare to tied the whole eventing together for your nights
entrainment, your enjoyment is our pleasure.

Hot News

We are aiming to organise a mature persons night on at least once a month, and I am going to try for the last Friday of the month.
I will be talking to Frank one of the manager of the Old Regent Ballroom to organise this.

  • This is a list of events that I am going to try to put on:-
    • Swinging 20's night ('The great Gatsby' / Flappers) with a live swing band.
      Cockney Knees up (meal provided of pie n mush) with a live piano singer and drummer band, to dance or sing along to.
      Crooners night ('Frank Sinatra' - 'Dean Martin') sound alike's with a live band.
      Rocking 40's - 50's night with a live rock n roll band.
      Magic night with a Magician on stage.